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96g (200mg x 400 Tablets)

Power Bio Slender

In todays' age of chronic dieting, seeking any way to lose weight fast, falling for potential thousands of misleading products, and seeking advice from experts that only add to your weight issues it would be refreshing to find one true product that works naturally with your body rhythms.

To eat naturally and watch your weight slip off naturally and without the strains of dieting is a dream come true. Now this is possible with Power Bio Slender. With Power Bio Slender you get three products in one. First the much needed Probiotics, Second a special blend of slimming ingredients, and third fiber.

By taking 16 pills daily, 4 with each meal, you can simply and naturally lose weight without the dreaded rebounds and other health issues.


Power Bio Slender benefits;

  • Slimming and detox naturally
  • Support and balances healthy Glucose levels
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Fiber for healthier colon
  • Probiotics for better digestion
  • 52 Strains of bacteria for healthier digestive system
  • Active enzymes for better circulation
  • Keeps appetite in Check

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