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Ultra Super Protein



Ultra Super Protein;

It has been found that we need to consume a huge amount of fruits and vegetables to actually

achieve the optimal healthy diet. Even when we think we are getting optimal healthy diet.

Even when we think we are getting good stuff from eating salads for our meals, it is simply

not enough, nor possible to attain the prescribed amount of enzymes needed by our bodies.

The combined nutrient deficiency and exposure to harmful, disease causing chemicals is

the overarching health problem we humans face. Luckily, with Ultra Super Protein, you will

get the nutritional value of 100 different fruits, herbs, and vegetables in one scoop per day.

The Ultra Super Protein uses the goodness of these ingredients, with no preservatives,

chemical, coloring and additives.


  • Slimming and detox naturally
  • Support and balances healthy Glucose levels
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Fiber for healthier colon
  • Probiotics for better digestion
  • 52 Strains of bacteria for healthier digestive system
  • Active enzymes for better circulation
  • Keeps appetite in Check



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