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The founder, Zachary Guterman , is world renowned for his researches and development in fermentation science, live active enzymes, wild mountain herbal horticulture and advance health technologies. He was one of the World Health Organization's ( WHO ) speaker on topics of natural health, environmental protection, non-use of chemicals, safety in manufacturing, natural healing, and live active enzymes.

More to know:

  • Chairman of Japan Medical Diet Association
  • Chairman of Japan Anti - Aging Association
  • Chairman of Suzhou Environmental Protection & Green Association
  • Board of Directors of International Natural Health Organization
  • President & CEO of Aloe World Company
  • President & CEO of Goodlife Company
  • President & CEO of Suzhou Aloe Bio Technology Company
  • President & CEO of GLF Asset Management Company
  • Expert in Fermentation Sciences
  • Pioneer in Aloe Vera and Enzyme Usage
  • Researcher of Immunization And Anti Cancer Effect By Using Enzymes
  • Health Practitioner
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