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150 Years Old Handmade Fermentation Science

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Goodlife Sciences fermentation is based on using a 150 Year Old Handmade Fermentation Science.  This science is based on "Koso" the 52 bacteria only harvested in Japan .This science has been Patented and is used in making our "Health Food" products.

In Japan, Ageing with bacterial fermentation has long been recognized as a health benefit of specialty foods and health products. It has been used for over a thousand years in Japan. Most people know products like tofu, nato, miso and other fermented foods. However, fermented foods have been linked to the reason for Japanese people’s longest life span and health. Fermentation science employs a wide range of microbes (probiotic, prebiotics, & beneficial friendly bacteria). This has been at the forefront of many researches and developments of our products.

Our Science is based on hand made procedures(because the micro-organisms are very sensitive)making sure each step is handled properly without destroying the integrity of the product. With this methodology and science we were able to patent many of our processes.

Goodlife Sciences Fermentation Process is based on 4 methods :

Nature :

We organically (free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals) grow and select the optimal vegetables, fruits, and herbs based on their nutritional and constituent value. Making sure we start with the right and real ingredients is the key.

Handmade :

We base our science on a 150 year old HANDMADE fermentation science in Japan. This is patented and not trademarked. Fermentation allows the vital nutrients to breakdown into micro nutrients (greater nutritional value). Simply,fermentation, pre-digests vital nutrients for you. Since fermentation is acid resistant this will allow your body to quickly absorb (up to 90%) of the mega nutrients.

No Heat :

Since we use no heat in the process all the LIVE active enzymes, amino acids, phyto-nutrients, friendly bacteria, and nutrients are being kept.

One Year Fermentation :

Our products, all ingredients, are made with our patented process and fermented for over 1 year. This ensures that all qualities of the ingredients will be unlocked and the product aged properly.

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