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100% Natural Hot Spring Soap

Our daily lives are full of basic and necessary hygienic roles. Washing our face is probably the most important issue since the way we look (age & beauty) reflects who we are . Soap has been taken for granted as all soaps are the same. In contrary all soaps are different as the majority of soaps in the market place are full of ingredients that are in fact not only harmful to nature but humans as well.

The development of MS( 100% Natural Hot Spring Soap) is exactly as it sounds. The main ingredients in the soap are the live bacteria that exist in the Hot Springs of Beppu, Japan. Japanese have for thousands of years realized that great skin and beauty can be found in these Miracle Hot Springs.

So now, the secret ingredient of these hot springs are in the MS Soap and you too can enjoy the traditional ingredients .

Ingredients: Soap base, Hot Spring Water, Honey, Salt, Emu oil, Chamomile flower extract, Paprika, Enzyme, Aloe Vera extract

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